3 Signs You Need A Walk-In Freezer Door Replacement

Of all the components used in the construction of an industrial walk-in freezer, the door is one of the most important. Nevertheless, it’s easy to regard it simply as a functional part that keeps the cold in and intruders out. Walk-in freezer doors offer a hygienic airtight seal to optimise the internal temperature of the store, keeping energy consumption to a minimum. If designed and installed in line with your business’s needs, the freezer door also boosts productivity by allowing your staff easy access to stock whenever required, with rapid opening and closing eliminating wasted time when shifting products around the warehouse.

Periodically, it may be necessary to replace the door of your walk-in freezer. Rather than investing in a new door too soon, consider these signs that your existing door has come to the end of its service life:

1) A Walk-In Freezer Door Is Essential To Sustain A Consistent Temperature

Keeping sensitive stock at a consistently low temperature is vital for several reasons. Premature spoilage of products affects your business’s profits, as they cannot be sold in optimal condition, while the cold storage of some items is governed by health and safety law.

If the temperature of your walk-in freezer isn’t stable, the refrigeration unit will need to work harder to achieve the correct temperature, consuming energy more quickly and potentially reducing its lifespan. Often, the cause is the leakage of air around the door, which causes the thermal bridge to be breached. A new door and frame, manufactured to the latest industry standards, will help seal the freezer, improving its efficiency.

2) The Door Doesn’t Suit Your Application

There could be any number of reasons that the door you currently have installed just isn’t suitable.For example, a large hinged door may be difficult to open and lead to delays in moving products in and out. This could be replaced with a sliding door for much quicker and easier access.
Or perhaps you currently have sliding doors installed which are frequently left open allowing the cold to escape; these doors could be automated or you could have a “door open” alarm fitted. Both of these approaches will help to maintain the temperature of your cold storage room and lower your electrical costs. These are just a couple of examples of how small changes or additions can make your life in the cold room much, much easier!

3) Old Doors Burden You With Unjustifiable Repair Costs

It’s not uncommon for businesses to continue throwing money at an old walk-in freezer door to carry out repairs, long after the suggested working life has expired. The simple truth is that a new door is likely to be a more cost-effective solution in the medium-term, because modern walk-in freezer doors always outperform older doors. Constructed from the most effective insulating materials and equipped with cutting edge technology to improve access, reduce energy loss, and keep your staff safe, modern walk-in freezer doors do more than simply keep your freezer cold. What’s more, with a robust guarantee and outstanding aftersales care, you can be confident that a new door will eradicate the problem of expensive repairs that, with an older door, might plague your business for years.

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