Coldroom Silicone Aluminium


For connection, expansion and sealing joints indoors and outdoors.
Suitable for cold climates.

Ideal for sealing around metallic or dark edges.

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Resistant to ageing, weather and UV
Paint-compatible, test before use
Coloured version is bitumen-proof
Slight discolouration is possible in some applications
Contents: 310 ml
Chemical basis: Acetate
Density/conditions: 1.01 g/cm³ / at 23°C, 50% relative humidity
Continuous motion absorption: 25 %
Shore A hardness: 18
Min./max. temperature resistance: 40 to 110 °C
Min. skin-formation time: 20 min
Conditions for skin-formation time: at 23°C and 50% relative humidity
Fungicidal properties: No


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