Different Types Of Insulated Doors For Your Cold Room

Cold room doors are not only a point of access for your cold room, but they are also an insulating barrier to ensure your chiller or freezer cold room maintains the internal temperature required. MTCSS has an extensive range of cold room and insulating doors for your cold storage.

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The Importance Of An Insulated Door For Your Cold Room

So, why do you need a purpose-built insulated door for your walk-in chiller or freezer cold room? Choosing the correct door for your application ensures your cold storage is working effectively, protecting your products and your employees:

  • Insulated doors retain the cold air and keep the heat out, keeping your cold room within the temperature range required.
  • Correctly fitted doors and frames ensure there is no air escaping the room, or getting into the room.
  • Efficient cold room doors reduce health and safety risks, such as members of your team being trapped in your chiller or freezer.
  • Damaged doors may not offer full insulating properties and may be more difficult to keep clean.

Different Types Of Insulated Doors & Their Benefits

  • Hinged Doors: Ideal for walk in chiller and freezers cold rooms which require pedestrian access and high footfall. These are also suitable for cold rooms which need cage access. You can view our hinged door range on our shop here.
  • Sliding Doors: Ideal for cold rooms which require pedestrian, cage, and pallet access. These doors are more suited to larger sized doors due to the ease of opening. You can view our sliding door range on our shop here.
  • High Speed Doors: Ideal for rooms which have forklift or vehicle traffic and larger scale doors.

Importance Of Keeping Your Doors Maintained

Well-maintained insulated doors not only ensure the internal temperatures of your cold room are consistent, but they also ensure that your staff are protected from any injury (from having to pull an iced-up door open, or using a damaged handle) and avoiding people being trapped inside the cold room.

MTCSS stock a huge range of door parts and furniture (find them here on our shop!) to ensure your cold room doors are running efficiently. If you insulated or high-speed doors need repairing, but you’re not sure what you’re looking for – get in touch with one of our team! 

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