Different Types of Cold Room Shelving for Walk In Chillers & Freezers

When it comes to keeping products in your chiller or freezer cold room it’s important to have an effective storage solution to store and organise your products effectively. Storing products ineffectively – in boxes on the floor or using inadequate something – can lead to damage to products and loss of quality, especially when it comes to food products.

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MTCSS can provide a high-quality solution to your storage requirements. We supply a range of cold room shelving to suit chiller and freezer temperatures to ensure your products are protected. It also means you can organise your products effectively to make the most of the space available in your temperature-controlled room.

Why Do You Need Cold Room Specific Shelving?

Cold rooms maintain low temperatures and, in some cases, this can lead to a build-up of moisture. Shelving that isn’t designed and built to sustain cold room temperatures can be a problem – it can result in the shelving rusting and a build-up of moisture on the shelves can lead to water-logged products.

Chiller and freezer shelving allows for appropriate ventilation and they are built from materials designed to be hygienic and durable in low temperatures. Our cold room shelving systems are also designed to be easily cleaned and suitable for food and even medical storage.

Types of Shelving Available

Coated Wire Shelving

Coated wire shelving is a corrosion resistant, hygienic shelving with added antibacterial protection – making it ideal for damp and hygienic areas including cold rooms, freezers, food, and medical environments.

  • Quick and easy to assemble.
    • Open-wire design for air flow and ventilation.
    • Fully adjustable.
    • Strong and robust.
    • Modular shelving system.

Modular Polyethylene Shelving

Made from aluminium frames with removable polyethylene shelf slats which make this cold room shelving solution easy to clean – ideal for storage of food products.

  • Quick and easy to assemble.
    • Temperature resistant from -30°C to +90°C.
    • 440 size variations.

At MTCSS we understand that you have invested money in your cold room and your products – so why use an ineffective cold room shelving system which could result in product damage and reduction in quality of your products?

You can buy chiller or freezer shelving on our shop! Or if you are unsure what would work best for you and your business – get in touch. Call us on 01886 833381 or email us at

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